Check check check

Recording with our buddy band “The Wild Romantics” …. Check.

Practiced in a field…. Check.

Actually slept for four hours straight…. Check.

Decided that Warne should make our next record….Check.

Presented our merch idea and brand identity….Check.

We have drank the kool-aid and are so in love with the PPP!

Bring on Friday!!!


Boreal Bootcamp Day 4 (Benevolent Park Ranger)

How many small mountain-dwelling mammals have you rescued today?  While standing out on the boardwalk deck this afternoon, we noticed a shuffling sound coming from the trash can next to us. This garbage can was encased in a wooden box-like frame, and upon closer inspection, we discovered some variety of squirrel struggling to escape. Fearing the potential violence of an agitated small mammal such as this, and having been informed of an incident earlier in the summer involving a rabies shot, we employed all the caution of an industrious and benevolent park ranger. Through a bit of coaxing, we finally convinced the squirrel to scurry away.

After such an obviously powerful and moving encounter with all the magnificence of nature that a bushy-tailed rodent can present, we summoned the courage and peace of mind necessary to play our evening showcase.

We had the chance to share the stage tonight with Jodi Pederson, 36?, and our writing partner David Newberry. Tomorrow, the live performance coaches will rescue me as lead singer from the proverbial cage of my on-stage keyboard formation.


LMjessYum. I was pleasantly surprised when arriving at lunch today, because it was my favourite type of food with a DIY spin on it. A few of us, myself included, are extremely fond of finding tasty Vietnamese restaurants along the way on tour. Until today, I have never had the opportunity to build my own Pho / soup, or have camp Pho for that matter. What I’m getting at is the food at Rockridge Canyon has been amazing so far! The food variety hasn’t left me bored. Everything is tasty, and plenty of options seem to be available for vegetarian and gluten free dietary needs!
As for the musical aspect of the week, it has been amazing so far! I really feel spoiled by the showcases each night, and how saturated and rich with talent each and every band is! It’s such a privilege for me to get to listen to music that inspires every single night. It’s an honour!

The Slightly Awkward Adventures of 36? – Part 3: This place is rad

Dear Reader,

Way to excited to say much. Everything in life is amazing.

All the bands last night were unbelievably good. I can’t even….

Wild Romantics, Scenic Route to Alaska, The Tourist Company, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk all killed it. The talks were great.

Oh man.

I love it all.

These are some of the best times of my life.

Talk tomorrow,
– Taylor Cochrane

Light shining through birch trees! Everywhere! All the time!


Even at night, there is a moonbeam poking through a copse of beautiful birch trees here. That’s right, copse! Rock Ridge Canyon is insanely gorgeous! We have been overwhelmed with this whole Peak experience and are playing catch up a bit here. I’m going to keep our first blog salvo short and sweet as I’m late for the evening feast. There is homemade rhubarb pie! That’s right, rhubarb!

-Secrets Out

It’s All About the Song

Each day, seems to be getting longer and longer. The most amazing thing though, is being a part of the “chaos” in the most serene and calming environment ever. I can’t brag enough about Rock Ridge Canyon and how gorgeous it is. It definitely does not suck.

Yesterday I was able to sit in on sessions with social media guru Brian Thompson, publicist Jen Fritz, stylist Kate Matthews, and Warner Music’s Scott Johnson who talked about the importance of branding.

Last night was also the first of two nights of recording the collaboration between Goodwood Atoms from Vancouver, BC with producer, Jeff Dawson and myself.

This was my first experience with co-writing with another band and a producer and I couldn’t be happier. It’s going to be unreal – can’t wait to share it with you.




The Red Eye

Holy smoke. Day 4 in lovely Princeton, and we are really starting to live up to our golden oldie song “The Red Eye”. We learned all about how we are totally doing SOCAN wrong… And what we can do to fix it… We learned more about FACTOR, and best of all we learned that singing Alanis Morrisette with a load of shirtless karaoke singers can be a very magical and cathartic moment. I can’t believe we are already halfway through the week… Can’t wait to see what’s next. <3 SAVK.

Day 3—for SSS

So it’s day 3, and I have definitely not done a single blog post. To be honest, I’ve never done blog post ever in my life. But if I’ve learned anything at PPP bootcamp, you GOTSTA blog. So I’ll try and get bloggy with it.

On that note, I would like to start my first blog post with making excuses as to why I have not blogged… I’ve been SO busy here! (So has everyone, but them other bloggers are seasoned professionals) it’s been an insane whirlwind of a time. So far, I’ve learned a ton, and really looking forward to applying this new found knowledge. And if I’m not busy boot camping it up, I’m off meeting and having some pretty great conversations, with some pretty amazing humans. Musicians/faculty/the best people.

My band left after our showcase performance, and I’ve been flying Han Solo… But everyone is so nice, and are being extra cool, and offering some pretty excellent company.

-Samantha Savage Smith

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