Say No to No and Yes to Pizza

Well, tomorrow is the last day out here at the Peak Performance Project Bootcamp and let me just say…getting out of bed here is among the hardest things I’ve ever experienced.
Yesterday we went on the Zip-line. Before they harness you up for rippin’, they make you stand on scale. This particular scale is divided into two sections. The sole purpose of it is to figure out the level of burger love in its clients.
I love burgers.
Learning lots, making new pals, taking everything to 10 and saying no to no. That basically sums up Bootcamp.

-GP (Pizza)


What can I say?

At the risk of sounding cliche’d, it’s been an incredible time here at bootcamp. It’s weird to think someone has to win in the end. I feel like we’re at a festival or something. It doesn’t feel like a competition at all. Highlights for me have been all the showcases and definitely recording with Russ Broom. He knew our sound and integrated it perfectly with JP. I personally couldn’t be more happy with the song especially considering what short time we had to record and write it. JP and his band were a great collaborator and things just flowed from the first note. The Nimbus crew have also been awesome. Shout out to Connor who was the assistant on our session. Pure beauty.

I was warned before I came that sleep would become a luxury and that’s 1000% true. But it’s also a bit of a choice. We all just want to hang out even when we’re not “working”. I’m inspired, not just by the lessons etc. but by every other artist. What we’ve learnt from the faculty has been invaluable and beyond my expectations. I’ve been reminded that the music business is not for slouches! Hard work and dedication is what it takes to make it on both sides ( the art and business ). I’m inspired to keep learning, working and practising my craft.


Good lessons

I wrote this on day 3, and just posting today on Day 5:

Day 3 of Bootcamp and I’m tired yet inspired. I’ve had to push myself many times to stay attentive and open, and almost every time i’ve been pleased with the results. There’s a common thread that i’m picking up through all of these workshops, performances, and conversations with new friends. The music business has no standard formula for success, there is not some golden bit of information that will make you successful. Instead, there are hundreds of moving parts that all need to be worked a little bit at a time, with consistency and intent. Maybe it’s the reality of “no shortcuts” being further cemented into my stupid head, or maybe it’s a fresh perspective, but whatever it is, I’m feeling motivated and intrigued, thanks Peak! Pumped to record some music tonight with Russ Broom and the Peak master JP Maurice!