Bleep bloop

Hey. Sup. After a long week of music and chillin hard I’m saddened that this is the end, but I’m grateful for everyone I’ve met and everything I’ve learned. This camp is an amazing experience that is unlike any radio competition and I’m really thankful for all the people who work so hard to make this happen.


This is how I feel right now

One of the most fun parts for me was playing with a bunch of synths that our producer (Nik Kozub) and theĀ National Music Centre brought in. NMC brought an old Moog model D which was a treat to play and lay some bong rattling bass down in the studio while collaborating with the homie, the talent and the CEO-Windmills.


Anyways this weeks has been so beneficial to our careers, I’ve made life long friends and I’ve finally learned the true meaning of summer camp. It’s true what they say time is temporary but summer camp is forever!




Woahhhh ohhhh, we’re halfway there!



Welcome to Peak Performance Project day five. My name is Addison and I’m here to give you an update on what The Velveteins have been up to.

On Friday we had an interesting day learning about booking, style and social media which ended with an amazing showcase where Bed of Stars stole the show. We played our showcase on Saturday and on Sunday Ryan from Mother Mother gave a really great talk on songwriting and creativity.

It’s 1:30pm right now and I’m currently listening to Find the Others (BC) do an amazing sound check. They are showcasing tonight along with Transit and our homies Leeroy Stagger and Mike Edel! This morning we had two great workshops. The first focused on getting radio play and was led by David Tysowski. The second was all about having good PR and was led by the infectious Kei Baritugo who has a hilariously colourful vocabulary, the likes of which I’m not allowed to share online.

As for the experience so far I really can’t say enough. The hospitality, professionalism, talent, passion, creativity, food, and love I’ve experienced this week has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what else the next two and a half days have in store.

Cheers, Addison

A Ssssssensual First Day

Hello Internet.

Welcome to the inside VIP backstage access of the most notorious Bootcamp for musicians on the planet. I am your host, Spencer Morphy of The Velveteins.

Today, as you may understand from the title, is the first and foremost day of the PEAK PERFORMANCE BOOTCAMP. Heavy stuff I know. However i am most pleased to welcome you to the party.

The night prior consisted of showcases from four very tasty bands (Jesse Roper, The Royal Foundry, Little India, and Cowpuncher), and a heated match of ball hockey in which the faculty won in poor sport. Afterwards the bands collected and hovered around till the wee hours of the night, getting to know each other and amusing ourselves with charming games.

This made for a very groggy and unconventional initiation morning for us musicians, you know being primarily night owls, and the early call of 7:30 was greeted with an almost humorous sigh.

However any thoughts of lack of sleep soon were dissolved when breakfast was served, and if I can take this chance to make a quick remark, I just want to say. The food is goddamn good.

Personally I’m just not used that. The only place I feel rivals this sort of splendour is a home cooked meal at my family’s home. So after a quite refreshing fill of eggs, hash browns and sausage, we were on our way.

Up first was a keynote by C.E.O and Excutive Director of Music BC, Bob D’Eith. All the bands piled into the Club Room downstairs of the resort, which I must say is the maddest resort I’ve ever seen, and listen to what good ole Bob had to say. Very extensive stuff.

Next we had a session with Rob Thornton, of the Agency Group. The seminar was on booking shows, and how booking agencies generally work. Rob had a good inside look into how the gears really turn.

Anyways. The sessions are rad. Everything is rad. And what is more rad is Laytem Kramer and I caught a snake. Stay tuned!

Layten Kramer w/ friends