How to “Vanwich”

If I can leave you with one tidbit of knowledge this week it would definitely be how to perfect the art of the “Vanwich.”

A common problem at camp is developing a case of the “post showcase munchies.” After a couple days the granola bars/pretzels you brought with you just doesn’t suffice.

THUS, the Vanwich.

Step 1:

Scout your options. As you walk into the buffet line – compile a mental screenshot of the ingredients you have to work with. Analyze/rework these combinations in your imagination back at your table.

Step 2:

After you’ve finished your meal, now is the time to strike. Bread is a desired commodity around these parts so make sure you don’t wait too long or you’ll be left with two crust pieces which is not conducive to the crafting of a perfect Vanwich.


Step 3:

Meat first. No condiments. This is a common mistake. Since this delectable treat will be sitting in your van for hours without refrigeration – you don’t want butter or mayo or anything or it’ll end up smelling like JJ Shiplett’s boots.

Step 4: accessorize. Much like a good fashion seminar by Kate Matthews, you need to “dress” your Vanwich so to speak. Pro tip – BACON BITS.

Step 5: take your new lover by the hand (no plates) and walk down to your van. Open your van, put the Vanwich down on the least disgusting section you can find (the peak binder is a good option).

Step 6: party, dance, get hungry, then make everyone else envious when you show up after the showcase break with a savoury Vanwich.