Blogging Day 2 (Bootcamp Day 6)

Finally there is time to do some blogging!

I’m listening to Van Damsel do their soundcheck right now as I type this.  I feel sorry for the bands that had to wait until the last day to play.  There’s so much anticipation built up by this point and everyone is so exhausted.  Van Damsel will close down the whole bootcamp and I think they’re a good fit for that – super upbeat, fun, and poppy!

We have our vocal coaching with Tamara Beatty this afternoon.  Tamara is one of the vocal consultants on the show The Voice! It’s insane the caliber of industry members that PPP brings to bootcamp.  I feel if we can strengthen our vocals we can really start to step things up as a band.

There are some KILLER singers here.  My favourites are Todd and Craig from the Calgary band Northern Beauties.  Craig’s harmonies are amazing and their presence together is so charming.

When we first found out we got into Peak my first thought was how excited I am to go zip lining! There were lots of pictures/videos of people doing it last year and it looks like a TON of fun! Tomorrow we have so much free time and the zip line is open so I finally get to go.  Hopefully it’ll be nice weather too so I can enjoy the lake as well.  It’s going to feel weird having so much free time tomorrow – so I guess this means today is the last official day.

The best part of today so far was Natasha Duprey’s keynote on Music Supervising.  Her whole power point presentation was filled with photos like this:

Screenshot 2015-09-01 13.47.31

It was amazing 🙂

Over and out!