Bleep bloop

Hey. Sup. After a long week of music and chillin hard I’m saddened that this is the end, but I’m grateful for everyone I’ve met and everything I’ve learned. This camp is an amazing experience that is unlike any radio competition and I’m really thankful for all the people who work so hard to make this happen.


This is how I feel right now

One of the most fun parts for me was playing with a bunch of synths that our producer (Nik Kozub) and the National Music Centre brought in. NMC brought an old Moog model D which was a treat to play and lay some bong rattling bass down in the studio while collaborating with the homie, the talent and the CEO-Windmills.


Anyways this weeks has been so beneficial to our careers, I’ve made life long friends and I’ve finally learned the true meaning of summer camp. It’s true what they say time is temporary but summer camp is forever!